With all the navigational products installed and operational, our service to you manages your chart and publications inventories, whether paper or digital. New editions and updates are provided automatically, either physically or electronically and at agreed intervals, and delivered direct to the vessel’s next port  by courier, by direct download onboard or by email as appropriate.

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Merchant Ship Services from Todd Navigation

As the Managers or Owners of a fleet of vessels, you will want to ensure the safety of your ships, cargo and crew and protection of the marine environment by having the correct charts, paper or electronic, and publications onboard for the intended voyage, corrected to the latest Admiralty Notices to Mariners.

Todd Navigation, an International ADMIRALTY Chart Agent, and the largest independent Chart Agent in the UK, can help by providing you with all your chart and publication requirements, together with the means to organise them, and keep everything up-to-date. We will look after all your requirements, wherever your vessels are in the world.


Our Chart and Publications Outfit Management Service provides continuing global support for your navigational resources onboard. We provide new editions of charts and publications automatically, usually at intervals of one month, or at intervals dictated by you or your vessel’s port rotation.

Each vessel receives a laminated Outfit Management Supply Certificate, which can be shown to Port State Inspectors/Class Surveyors if necessary. This certificate lists the services we have agreed to supply. It is renewed annually, together with a copy of the vessel’s current inventories.


The principle underlying PAYS (Pay-As-You-Sail) is that a vessel is only charged for the ENC cells actually “sailed over” during a voyage. The vessel is supplied with an extensive set of AVCS electronic chart permits on a three month licence. Any cell can be used without charge for passage planning. On the vessel all cells worldwide are immediately available for use within the ECDIS. There is a clear safety case for this approach over schemes where a permit needs to be delivered to the vessel first. The administrative burden to the vessel is reduced since all charts are available all the time with no special actions required.


The UKHO’s acclaimed range of navigational publications have evolved in the form of Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP).

Tide Tables, Admiralty List of Lights and Fog Signals and all volumes of Admiralty List of Radio Signals can be purchased in digital format, with fully-searchable software that enables you to save time, whilst offering greater functionality than a standard book. What’s more, ADP is easily updatable by Weekly DVD, email, or download from the UKHO’s website or our Chart Track software.


AENPs are official Admiralty Nautical Publications which bring you improved efficiency, accuracy and ease of use. AENPs are e-books for the mariner – allowing bridge crews to add NM updates faster and more accurately than paper publications, and giving them easier access to information they need.

Faster Notices to Mariners (NM) updates – You can add relevant NMs to all AENPs in just a few seconds each week, far more easily and quickly than with paper-based products; giving bridge crews more time to focus on other important duties. Weekly NM update files for AENPs can be regularly downloaded via the internet or our Chart Track software and are also available on the ADP weekly update DVD.


We hold a huge stock of all British Admiralty nautical publications and an extensive selection of nautical books and publications from the International Chamber of Shipping, Brown, Son & Ferguson, The Nautical Institute, Shipping Guides, OCIMF, SIGTTO, Witherby, etc.

  • ADMIRALTY Print-on-Demand (POD) – We can print all ADMIRALTY charts on a very fast HP Pagewide XL 4000 printer, with a backup HP Z5200PS.  All charts are printed under strict UKHO quality control regulations.  Charts are printed in response to firm orders only.
  • Print-on-Demand (POD) is also employed to print paper charts under licence from the Canadian Hydrographic Service, the Norwegian Hydrographic Service, The French Hydrographic Service (SHOM), and the US Government (NOAA).
  • As the United Kingdom agent for the Icelandic Hydrographic Service, we stock all Icelandic paper charts.
  • We have an extensive stock of Danish charts forGreenland and the Faroes.


Let Chart Track do the work. As a pioneer in digital updating services, Chart Track has always been at the forefront of providing accurate, reliable and accessible aids to ensure a safe passage to merchant ships.

Now Chart Track Navigator 3 takes these key qualities to a new level to give mariners and ship managers an even more comprehensive navigation data management system, saving time and making it easier, cheaper and safer to use.

Chart Track Navigator 3 brings you a range of benefits:

  • A single platform to manage all your navigational data including updates for AVCS, ADP and AENP
  • A new fully integrated chart catalogue
  • Enhanced functionality to update and manage both paper and digital products
  • Intuitive route planning and chart selections
  • Revised user interface for greater comfort and ease
  • Fully automated to ensure that you always stay up to date.
  • Chart Track Navigator + allows the navigator to view licensed ENCs and includes AtoBviaC auto routing
  • Our clients who have Chart Track on their vessels can avail of Chart Track Ship Manager which allows one to see chart and publications holdings for each vessel, and authorise new orders from their vessels.


Traditional chart table instruments are available ex-stock for all the requirements of the Navigator working with paper charts. Todd Navigation stocks a wide range of parallel rules and dividers in various sizes and types, together with navigational triangles, pencil compasses, breton (portland) plotters, 2B pencils, erasers, chart correcting pens, etc. We also offer a full range of supporting navigational equipment, including sextants, binoculars, clocks and barometers, code and courtesy flags.