Pay as you sail. With this brilliant software you can use NECs free of charge for planning. You only pay once your vessel enters the cell coverage area!

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Pay As You Sail

The principle underlying ToddNav PAYS is that a vessel is only charged for the ENC cells the vessel actually “sails over” during its voyage.

The vessel is supplied with an extensive set of ENC cell permits from the Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS). Any cell can be used at any time without charge for passage planning. Cells are paid for when the ship sails over the coverage area of the ENC.

On the vessel, all cells are immediately available for use within the ECDIS. There is an undeniable safety case for this approach over schemes where cell permits need to be delivered to the vessel first. The administrative burden to the ship’s Master is greatly reduced as all charts are immediately available with no special actions required.

The Pays Service

The ToddNav PAYS service is independent of the type of ECDIS onboard. We provide a Skywave Antenna satellite GPS terminal with cabling and stainless steel mounting brackets. This can be self-installed onboard in a position on the mast or the monkey island giving the antenna a clear view of the sky. The terminal must be connected to a 24 volt DC power supply. The Skywave terminal is not connected to the ECDIS or anything else onboard.

We provide ToddNav PAYS software which should be installed on your chosen PC or laptop (preferably with direct connection to the internet). This software is used to register the Skywave Antenna. Thereafter the ToddNav PAYS updater software is used to update ENC cells individually, on a route or in a fixed area.

The vessel on which the Skywave Antenna is installed is tracked and the ship’s position used to determine which cells are being “sailed over”. Position data is collected from the antenna and sent to the ToddNav PAYS fleet manager server as it becomes available and stored in a database. We report cells “sailed over” on a daily basis to the UK Hydrographic Office. We then invoice the ship manager or owner monthly.

No other software is required on the vessel. Any existing ECDIS in use can be used as normal; it will always have access to the full PAYS portfolio of charts. A USB stick is used to transfer data between the ToddNav PAYS software and the ECDIS.

8 Reasons to Use Todd Nav Pays

  • No ENC permit ordering. All charts available at all times. Compliant with all ECDIS types.
  • Free view of all ENCs on the ECDIS
  • No software installation on the ECDIS
  • Plug and use the Skywave Qntenna
  • ToddNav PAYS updater software – easy to use, with access to updates for ENCs
  • One monthly invoice for ENCs from Todd Navigation, invoiced in USD.

The Costs

  • Monthly invoice for ENC cells “sailed over”
  • Monthly invoice for satellite transmission costs at USD 5.0 per day Quarterly PAYS User fee (imposed by PRIMAR/UKHO)
  • One off charge for Skywave Antenna, cables and brackets